Welcome to Crosstyle

How You Can Help Us 

There are many ways in which you can get involved.


We are always looking for those who love prayer to include our school, faculty, and students in their prayer time.  If you would choose to do this please contact us and let us know.

Like teaching and class work.....

Volunteer to be a teacher's aid

Tutor children in reading, math, science, or maybe even Spanish

Teach a 'life skills' class

How about Behind the scenes....

Special projects such as Start a garden, See you at the Pole, etc.

Help clean classrooms 1 day per week


We have a few ongoing fundraisers that you can help tell others about.

Save your BOX TOPS for us.  Each label is worth at least $.10

Because of our supporters we have raised nearly $3,000.00 from Box Tops alone.

Save your Labels For Education from Campbell's products.  Labels are good for cash or supplies, both of which we can use.

At Office Depot when you purchase School Supplies and Office Products. Make your purchase online or in store and reference Crosstyle Academy #70223909 and 5% of your purchase will be sent to Crosstyle Academy.

 70223909 Office Depot School Code

Or should you choose a more direct action, we do accept PayPal.